Boost your Productivity with 4-1-1

Whether professional or personal, a goal without a plan is just a wish. When I meet with new agents to discuss their productivity goals, the conversation usually seems to be centered around intention. Many agents have the intention of selling, say, 50 units in one year, but they struggle with the daunting task of accomplishing the activities needed to achieve that goal. When we practice methodical and focused planning, our intention becomes productive. 

We've found that the best way to accomplish our goals is to break them down, and tackle tasks bit by bit. This is where the 4-1-1 comes in.

4-1-1 is Keller Williams's productivity tracking system. You create one each month, and break down the tasks needed into manageable pieces. 

Tips to Rock your Open House

Doing open houses consistently is a surefire way to drum up business. One of the major appeals of holding opens is that most people who go to an open house are buyers, and most of them are interested in purchasing a home in the area.

These tips will ensure you make the most of your open house, and capture enough leads to make it worth giving up a Sunday afternoon.

Required* Reading for Real Estate Agents and Aspiring Investors

*Not exactly required, but highly recommended

At Keller Williams, we value education and training over most everything else when it comes to professional development. Those Realtors and Real Estate Investors who continually invest their time and money in education are ultimately more successful than those who don't.

One way to become an expert in something is to read about it. The following reading list was curated by the most successful and ambitious agents in our Market Center in order to help new agents succeed.

Julia Israel
Making Home Ownership a Reality for People of Color

“It’s been said doors will open to those bold enough to knock. Which might be why Minneapolis realtor Julia Israel is so fearless…Licensed at 18 years old and a first time home buyer at 19, Julia has been around the block long enough to know the struggles of buying and selling–especially for people of color.” – Amy Hockert, Fox 9 News

Julia Israel
NAREB Home Ownership Expo

UCDC was happy to be included in this event in April! Buyers listened to panels of industry professionals, got information on low downpayment loans, downpayment assistance, among other things. Thank you to all the community members, lenders, realtors, and organizations who made this possible!

Friends from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Friends from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage